Cialis vs. Erectile dysfunction

The use of medicines has increased very much in last few years. Since people take unhygienic food in lunch so it becomes the cause of many health issues. Doctors suggest their patients to come 1-2 times in a month for complete medical checkup. By doing this, the doctor will remain aware of the current health condition of his patient and he will be able to diagnose any health issue at very initial stage. By spending few pennies monthly, you can save yourself from the large loss of money after getting the severe health problem. In this article, I am going to tell you about a medicine that is very common in use these days and its purpose of using is to treat erectile dysfunction.

Before discussing any other thing, it is necessary to discuss about the erectile dysfunction. There are many people who do not know what erectile dysfunction is. Well, erectile dysfunction is a kind of sexual problem in which the male cannot get the erected penis due to less blood flow rate through the penis. In a normal man, the blood flow rate becomes high very quickly when he becomes sexually excited or feels that he is ready for the sex. But such thing does not happen in case of affected male. A male who is unable to get penile erection before sexual activity is known as impotent. This sexual problem was considered very rare in past and there was no solution available for this. But now many medicines have been made which the impotent person can take to makes his penis erect. Erection of the penis allows the male to have sexual intercourse at his best. Besides this, an erected penis is also necessary to fulfill the sexual desire of the woman.

Many medicines are available for ED treatment but here I will recommend you the use of Cialis. There are many advantages of using Cialis but the final decision should be taken after consulting to a professional sexual health doctor. Cialis is found in low doses and doctors prefer to start one's treatment with a low dose. By the use of a low dose, the impotent person easily gets either he is getting the desired results from the low dose or not. In case he is still unable to get erection due to the use of low dose, doctor may prescribe him to take a heavy dose. There are some important things which should be considered before taking the dose of Cialis. Always use the recommended dose and take it 1 hour before the sexual intercourse as many doctors suggest. Do not take more than one dose within 24 hours otherwise it will be considered as overdose. Doctors tell their patients that side effects are usually caused by taking over dose of Cialis. Every user should keep in mind this thing. In case a person gets any side effect then he should talk to his health care provider immediately because that person can tell you the first step which you can take in such a situation.