Men And Nature

Generally if you see the people we find that women are very watchful and careful about their health when compared to men. One of the reasons could be that women go through various reproductive and biological processes that make it necessary for them to equip themselves with the knowledge and help to deal with the phenomenon. Men on the other hand do go through similar processes by do not have to deal with any of the physiological issues and hence have very less things to deal with and watch out for. We all know that men tend to take up smoking and drinking and thus affect their health. But then the number of men who go for regular medical checkups and watch their diet or lifestyle are very few and far in between.

Women go through puberty around the age of thirteen to fifteen and then follows regular menstrual cycle up to the age of fifty. Men too go through the fertility cycle but the process is different and simple. Onset of puberty in men is signaled by the beginning of production of testosterone in the testes. With the production of testosterone the body begins to develop muscles and the shape. The boys begin to grow taller and even their voice begins to get hoarser and change. They develop facial hair and hair all over the body and they begin to get sexually active too.

Similar to the menopause faced by women, men too go through what is known as andropause. Usually around the period between forty to fifties men can expect to go through andropause stage where the production of testosterone begins to reduce drastically and over a period of time it might stop altogether.

Andropause brings about a lot of changes in men and the effects can be varied from men to men. Normally the common problems associated with andropause are to do with fertility, urinary function and erectile dysfunction. There can be other issues with regard to testicular and prostrate enlargement etc that are also related to age as well as andropause.

Andropause in men is also associated with psychological changes in the form of depression, irritability, anxiety and fatigue etc. Men who are not aware of andropause are caught unaware and are ill prepared to face the internal changes that go on. In case of men as well as women, this stage is fraught with emotional upsets and needs the support of one's spouse and family to sail through and get back to normalcy.

Andropause is a stage in men's life. It signals the onset of another phase in life, a stage that requires men to relook at themselves and their life. From this time on, the body begins aging and it becomes important to pay attention to one's diet , exercise and lifestyle as well. This is also a very sensitive stage as far as the relationship goes. Many couples breakup and grow apart during this time without understanding that the man or the woman is going through emotional upheaval due to the physiological changes that one is going through.

Who ever said that men have it easy? Men too go through the same ordeals as women but not many may not about it.