Male Impotence

It is common to find people with erectile dysfunction. It is one among the common aliments and afflicts most men at some time or the other in the course of their life. Impotence as it commonly known is the failure of the person to achieve or maintain an erection. This erection happens during the course of the sexual arousal by the excess blood flow to the penis.

Sometimes it happens that the person fails to respond to the touch or sexual stimulation There are many reasons for this failure.

  • Tiredness brought on through
Physical exertion Illness
  • Effect of medicines, surgery wrong diets
  • Effect of alcohol and smoking cigarettes
  • Stress due to work or changes in the habit
Male Impotence

When the person has undergone physical exertion, he or she will find it difficult to relax properly. If the person is tense, the blood flow decreases in the blood vessels. If there is insufficient blood, the person will not be able to maintain the erection leading to impotence.

Medicines such as hydrochlorothiazide and Inderal reportedly cause impotence. If the person has insufficient nutrition in the diet then this also can cause a lethargy that leads to impotence. Consuming alcoholic beverages in excess causes excess accumulation of alcohol in the blood. This will interfere with the action of the muscles and is one of the reasons for this condition.

Cigarettes are one of the main reasons for this ailment. This causes atherosclerosis that leads to erectile dysfunction. Too much smoking can also causes damage to the nerves.

Sudden changes in the work schedules can disorient a person and cause impotence. This combined with the work stresses or acting alone will disrupt the mental peace and cause stress. The person is unable to relax and will not achieve full erection. It may also happen that the person will not be able to sustain the erection. This happens when the muscles of the penis do not maintain the sustained flow of blood.

To diagnose this condition, one may use imaging tests such as the NPT or the MRA tests. There are many other tests such as the liver enzyme tests and blood-glucose level tests help in pinpointing the causes.

Treatment for people with coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, depression and hypertension is effective with sildenafil. There may be side effects such as stomach discomfort, flushing, abnormal vision and headaches. Making improvements to the life style such as quitting smoking and eating regularly will improve the health considerably.

Medicines injected into the corpora cavernosa improve erection. Medicines such as valsartan and losartan help stimulate sexual appetite in persons. It is becoming the trend to use plastic vacuum devices. This consists of a cylinder to place the penis, a pump that draws the air and an elastic band round the base of the penis to hold the blood during the intercourse.

For people suffering from hypogonadism treatment takes place, using testosterone. Additional medication such as tadalafil and sildenafil may also be necessary. Common side effects felt in this treatment are enlargement of breast tissues, prostate cancer aggravation and worsening conditions for people with congestive heart failure. Treating impotence really depends on the conditions that caused it in the first place.


Sensational sessions of sexual intercourse are what keep the love of a couple alive. A disease known by the name of impotence, also sometimes called erectile dysfunction, which weakens or halts the erection of penis, is a nightmare for any man. One's sex life is badly paralyzed if the person gets afflicted with this sexually disturbing disease. Hearing the cries of impotence victimized men who had fallen in the black hole of erectile dysfunction, Lilly ICOS pharmaceuticals decided to formulate a drug for the remedy of erectile dysfunction. After years of experimentation, Lilly ICOS pharmaceuticals came triumphant with such a drug, named Cialis. This exciting new drug is a ray of hope of erection from behind the dark clouds of impotence. No restriction of food while using the drug and minimal side effects are the plus points of this drug.


The bulk of the penis is formed by an erectile tissue called carpus cavarnosum. Carpus cavarnosum is also called spongy tissue because of the number of little spaces it contains. The purpose of these spaces is to provide shelter to incoming blood into the spongy tissue. These spaces, when filled with the blood, stiffen the penis which we call erection. Impotence weakens erection by decreasing the quantity of a factor which plays main role in the filling of spongy tissue with blood. This factor called cGMP is specifically involved in helping the blood vessels undergo dilation. Deficiency of cGMP is the actual cause of impotence. Cialis brings the decreased level of cGMP back to normal, thus accentuating erection.


Recommended dosage of the drug is not more than once a day with the available dose forms of 5mg, 10mg and 20 mg tablets to be taken half an hour before sexual interaction. Within this half an hour, the drug enters from the digestive tract into the blood stream to reach wherever is found the PDE-5 enzyme, the one involved in degrading potential vasodilator. When PDE-5 is inhibited, erection effect could be effectively accelerated. This could occur, in case of Cialis for 36 hours owning to the longer half life of the drug. Since the drug targets only PDE-5 and not other PDE category enzymes, its extra and not required side effects could be easily prevented.


The drug comes with exciting new features that were never to be seen in the primitive sexual pharmacy before. Now, the user could flavor his sexual sessions with his loving partner with any kind of food any time during the unbelievably longer effective time of 36 hours the drug provides within the safest limits of minimal side effects. In other words, this is the all in one sexual medication that would make you the monster of erection for your whole weekend making your love moments unforgettable never ever satisfied before.


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Investigating the Causes and Cures for Impotence

Erectile dysfunction, also called male impotence refers to a condition where there is occasional inability to initiate and sustain erection of the penis during sexual activity, for the satisfaction of a partner. Erection of the penis normally is a hydraulic effect which takes place when there is a sexual arousal, whereby nerve impulses are transferred to the penis nerves from the brain. In case of erectile dysfunction, however, the activity fails to initiate even when there is arousal.

Though not so fatal, impotence is a form of embarrassment and can cause great psychological torture. It is a common condition nowadays, that has attracted a lot of attention in order to find solutions. Erectile dysfunction can either be psychological, due to lifestyle, drugs and even hormonal imbalance.

Psychological impotence for example, is not the physical inability of the penis but rather a failure to penetrate or sustain an erection due to some feelings, stress or emotions. Sometimes it is as a result of low self esteem, whereby the man feels that he cannot fully satisfy the partner.

Lifestyle too has been a great contributor to impotence. Riding a bicycle for tool long for instance causes compression which has both vascular and neurological effects. Other factors of lifestyle include long-term exercises such as the continued use of a rowing machine. This destroys the arteries and nerves and consequently affects erection.

Use of illicit drugs such as marijuana is an obvious cause of impotence. Cocaine and heroine also add up to the list of drugs which act upon the central nervous system and reduce the ability of the body to respond sexually. Marital problems is another major cause of male impotence. Problems here include poor communication, extreme levels of anger from one partner, sexual boredom and lack of intimacy.

If left unattended, erectile dysfunction results in severe psychological imbalance. A number of suggestions have been put forth to try and treat the condition. An example is the is the vacuum pump treatment, which is a device made of a plastic cylinder. It is placed over a penis, and all the air is sucked from the tube, creating enough pressure to draw blood towards the penis. This is the same thing that happens during arousal, therefore erection is artificially induced. A ring is then used to hold the base of the penis so that blood does not flow back so fast, and thus the erection is sustained for some time.

Hormonal treatment has also been recommended, although there are rare cases when erectile dysfunction is caused by hormonal imbalance. However, hormone replacement therapies are used to restore levels of the male hormone, testosterone, to therapeutic levels.

When treatable causes of erectile dysfunction are identified, minor surgical procedures may also be used to treat the condition. When the flow of blood is abnormal for instance, a minor surgery may be done to maintain a normal flow towards and out of the penis. Conclusively, erectile dysfunction is not such fatal but should be treated in order for a personal to live in psychological peace.