Cialis - a medicine that gives 100% result!

Cialis or Tadalafil tablets have an extensive use to treat erectile dysfunction. Although, there are many sexual problem but this sexual problem is increasing day by day in men. There should be a solution of erectile dysfunction. So for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a well known pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline introduced a new medicine that is called as Cialis. The generic name of Cialis is Tadalafil and this name is mostly used by chemists and professional doctors. Cialis is also use for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension but the major use is in the treatment of ED.

Let us talk about erectile dysfunction. It is a quite common sexual problem in which blood flow becomes very low that is why penis remains unable to become hard and stiff. You know that an erected, hard and stiff penis is very necessary for the sexual intercourse. If you want to do sex with your female partner then you would have to get an erected penis. It is a natural phenomenon in which blood flow becomes high in sexually excited state. But in the case of infected man, blood flow does not increase in sexually stimulated state. Cialis has the ability to increase the blood flow by different actions. First of all, Cialis acts on an enzyme that is responsible for the blood flow. By enhancing its efficiency, blood flow become high and penis become erect. In the other action, Cialis increases the elasticity of arteries. In such a way, blood gets more space to flow and its flow become high.

This was about the action of Cialis on the body to treat erectile dysfunction. Let us talk about different doses of Cialis. Cialis comes in four different doses (5mg, 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg). Talk to your doctor about the use of right dose because an over dose can cause many health problems for your health. Mostly a light dose of Cialis is used by the aged person who has an age more than 60 years. A person who is healthy and has the ability to bear a heavy dose can use a heavy dose after asking a professional doctor.

Cialis is one of those medicines which are very safe to use but it has some side effects like other medicines. Its side effects are divided in to two parts. First which occur commonly are known as common side effects while the other which occur very rarely are called as uncommon side effects. The chances of getting common side effects are high as compare to uncommon side effects. In common side effects, a person may become the victim of back pain, indigestion, stuffy nose, facial flushing, muscles aches and headache. Most of the side effects have no longer effect and remain present for a short time but if you feel that any of the mentioned side effect is creating problem for your health then you should talk to your doctor. In uncommon side effects, a person may loss his vision temporarily or permanently. So try to avoid this situation by following your doctor's advice.

It is an admitted fact that many people have now become so much busy in their work. They have no time that they can pass with their family members. Their primary importance is their work not their family. They just want to earn a lot of money to get the things which they want. That is why the relation of those people becomes weak with their friends, family and relatives. If we talk about the life of married couple then husband does not give the time to his wife. This is very wrong because this thing decreases the love of married couple and stands them far away from each other. If the love is not present between the married couple then they shall lead a boring life. This was something about the relationship between the married couple but here I shall discuss you about the problem which is known as erectile dysfunction.

People spend a lot of money if they get any disease or health problem because they much care about their health. They are so much conscious about their health that they even do not waste their time in going to inexperienced doctors. They go to the professional doctors for their complete medical checkup. Now come to our point of discussion that is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a problem which is faced by only men. In this problem the internal flow of blood in the body increases that is why it supports the penis to get the erection. This erection helps the man in the sexual intercourse with his partner.

As you know that now everything is possible in this world. Erectile dysfunction could not be treated in the past because there were no medicines or drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Now you can find Viagra, levitra and Cialis from the market in different doses. These medicines work very well in the body against erectile dysfunction. These medicines increase the flow rate of the blood in the circulatory system. It is very necessary to get the hard and stiff penis for the sexual activity.

You may know about this problem when you feel that your penis is not getting the erection in sexual excitement stage. Always prefer to use Cialis over Viagra and levitra because it action time is long enough. You can enjoy sex with your life partner in this time. Cialis is one of the best medicines that are very safe to use. You can imagine the safety of Cialis by this statement that no case regarding any severe health problem has reported since last 4-5 years. This is a big achievement of Cialis in this big competition of drugs.

Well, if we talk about the availability of the Cialis then you can get it easily from any chemist but in some countries it is short in market that is why its price is high in these countries. You can find a lot of websites on the internet which are selling this medicine in cheap rate. You can get it from these websites.