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Sexual problems are also increasing as health problems increasing day by day. More people become the victim of sexual problems in present days as compare to the past. The basic reason of this increase in numbers is the attitude of people towards their health. You know that people of today’s age do not go for morning walk and do not consult with their family doctor monthly in order to get complete treatment of their body. One sexual problem in men is quite common as compare to others and it is known as erectile dysfunction. As its name suggests, erectile dysfunction is related to the erection of penis. The hardness and stiffness of penis is considered very important before sexual activity. No male can think about sexual intercourse without having erected penis. People who are affected with erectile dysfunction cannot maintain erection due to decrease in blood flow rate after some time. To get a prolong erection, it is necessary to maintain high blood flow rate through penis. When high blood flow rate passes through the penis, its muscles expands and helps the penis to become erect. After getting satisfactory erection, the impotent person enables to do sex at its best.

What are the main causes which makes a male impotent? There are many causes of erectile dysfunction but some of them are given below:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Heart disease
  3. Depression
  4. Diabetes
  5. Spinal cord injury

Doctors recommend their patients to have a good treatment of these causes if they are suffering with any of them. Especially high blood pressure is considered very main cause for many sexual and medical problems. The high blood pressure is caused by the use of food having high cholesterol. When the person takes such food, the cholesterol layer develops inside the blood vessels and act as a hurdle for blood flow. Due to this, blood pressure increases and causes heart and other health problems.

Cialis - a medicine that gives 100% result!

What is the solution of erectile dysfunction in men? The permanent solution of this health problem is still no found and doctors are trying to make a medicine that can treat it permanently. But the patient of ED can take Cialis tablets in order to treat erectile dysfunction. Besides Cialis, other medicines are also being sold in market like Viagra and Levitra. It is up to your doctor that what medicine he recommends you for sexual dysfunction treatment. Usually a doctor considers different things before suggesting a medicine. The main thing, that is first considered, is the severity of erectile dysfunction. Besides this, professional doctors also consider the health condition of patient before prescribing him any medicine. Same things are considered during the selection of right dose. Levitra is the medicine that is usually recommended to those patients who can be treated by taking low dose as Levitra is available in low doses. The use of Cialis along with nitrates containing medicine is not prescribed by any doctor. Nitrates act as a poison for Cialis and the patient does not get satisfactory results in the end.

Cialis - a medicine that gives 100% result!

Your Relationship and ED

Erectile dysfunction is a very common issue affecting several American men. As per the statistics, almost 5% of 40 year old men and 25% of men aged 65 suffer from a long-term erectile dysfunction. But not only these men are influenced: Erectile dysfunction influences their spouses too.

Apart from creating problems for the sex life of couples, ED might be a very tough topic of discussion, and this shortage of interaction can instigate emotional trouble for them. In a documentary of BBC known as The Trouble With Love and Sex, this delicate issue was tackled by the use of animated characters depicting couple managing with relationship problems from infidelity to ED. This approach motivated real life couples to communicate frankly about such sensitive matter.

Although it is embarrassing to talk about erectile dysfunction, experts believe that it is important to discuss the problem together to maintain a strong relationship. And in few cases, discussing with a therapist may be essential to find a solution to the issue and enhance the overall and sexual relationship of the couple.

ED’s Emotional Effect

Men who suffer from impotence struggle with physical condition, the emotional and psychological impacts of erectile dysfunction are distressing too. “Managing with ED is difficult for most men”, says Mark L.Held, PhD, a clinical psychologist in the Denver region. “Most believe that penis is their identity. The impact on their self-esteem might be noteworthy. Their confidence, their masculinity – all are influenced by erectile dysfunction.”

There may be emotional consequences for their partners as well. “Females may feel rejected,” says Held. “They might question themselves, ‘Where am I going wrong?’ or ‘Why am I not able to seduce him?”

Impotence might set off feelings of depression and low self-esteem. In turn, these emotions result in something known as anticipatory anxiety, says Held. “The man may be playing the role of a spectator, in which he moves out of himself to see his own performance,” says Held. “This might interrupt the role with the sexual intercourse and create ED.

Coping with Diagnosis and Therapy

When managing with erectile dysfunction, interaction with your spouse is the key, says Held. In several cases, men don’t like talking about ED, but this can prove to affect the sexual relationship negatively. “It’s essential for couples to talk about the problem. Communication helps both the partners to deal with their ideas about ED, and act together to find the solution.

A practical attitude towards ED is essential and can create a big difference in dealing with it. “Nearly all men experience ED at some age,” says Held. The couple needs to understand that ED is almost a temporary issue always and is treatable.

The Emotional Benefits of Sex Therapy

Today, the perception is that ED is treated by taking a pill easily. But talking to a professional sex therapist helps to resolve the psychological and emotional issues related to ED. Relationship guidance is also advantageous as it helps counsel the couples as they struggle with ED and the associated problems.