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Cialis gives you penile erection for long time

Sexual problems are also increasing as health problems increasing day by day. More people become the victim of sexual problems in present days as compare to the past. The basic reason of this increase in numbers is the attitude of people towards their health. You know that people of today’s age do not go for morning walk and do not consult with their family doctor monthly in order to get complete treatment of their body. One sexual problem in men is quite common as compare to others and it is known as erectile dysfunction. As its name suggests, erectile dysfunction is related to the erection of penis. The hardness and stiffness of penis is considered very important before sexual activity. No male can think about sexual intercourse without having erected penis. People who are affected with erectile dysfunction cannot maintain erection due to decrease in blood flow rate after some time. To get a prolong erection, it is necessary to maintain high blood flow rate through penis. When high blood flow rate passes through the penis, its muscles expands and helps the penis to become erect. After getting satisfactory erection, the impotent person enables to do sex at its best.

What are the main causes which makes a male impotent? There are many causes of erectile dysfunction but some of them are given below:

1. High blood pressure

2. Heart disease

3. Depression

4. Diabetes

5. Spinal cord injury

Doctors recommend their patients to have a good treatment of these causes if they are suffering with any of them. Especially high blood pressure is considered very main cause for many sexual and medical problems. The high blood pressure is caused by the use of food having high cholesterol. When the person takes such food, the cholesterol layer develops inside the blood vessels and act as a hurdle for blood flow. Due to this, blood pressure increases and causes heart and other health problems.

What is the solution of erectile dysfunction in men? The permanent solution of this health problem is still no found and doctors are trying to make a medicine that can treat it permanently. But the patient of ED can take Cialis tablets in order to treat erectile dysfunction. Besides Cialis, other medicines are also being sold in market like Viagra and Levitra. It is up to your doctor that what medicine he recommends you for sexual dysfunction treatment. Usually a doctor considers different things before suggesting a medicine. The main thing, that is first considered, is the severity of erectile dysfunction. Besides this, professional doctors also consider the health condition of patient before prescribing him any medicine. Same things are considered during the selection of right dose. Levitra is the medicine that is usually recommended to those patients who can be treated by taking low dose as Levitra is available in low doses. The use of Cialis along with nitrates containing medicine is not prescribed by any doctor. Nitrates act as a poison for Cialis and the patient does not get satisfactory results in the end.